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VISION electronic cigarette was founded in the end of 2007, after 7 years’ precipitation, which has surprised the whole electronic cigarette market and the vast number of electronic cigarette users again and again.
Nevertheless, VISION has never stopped the pace of advancement, innovation and the creation of history. Persisting to the principle of "All For customers, For All customers, For Customers All", Vision will unceasingly strive for creating more superior life-altering products.
History of Vision products
In 2010, Vision Ego Clearomizer completely changed the traditional Cartomizer to Clearomizer, which is non-leakage and convenient to use.
In 2011, the arrival of the VISION VIVI NOVA pushed electronic cigarettes to a new mileage with more practical and more economical features.
In 2012, the birth of VISION SPINNER allowed more electronic cigarette lovers feel the joy of quality and different electronic cigarettes voltage fluctuations.
In 2014, the appearance of VISION SPINNER II encourages electronic cigarette lovers to have more yearnings for beauty.
Structure and manufacturing process of VISION
1, Collect product IDEA from the actual electronic cigarette users.
2, The top Italian brand designer improves the product appearance according to the product IDEA.
3, The top structure engineering in electronic cigarette industry audits product feasibility and confirms the accurate solutions.
4, Electronic structure engineers perfect every detail of the electronic structure.
5, Product shaping
6, Prototypes are done by the top foreign professional mechanic.
7, VISION controls the core technology of each product.
8, Audit the quality of raw materials.
9, Produce the core part of products.
10, Select the appropriate production factory partners for mass production.
We pay attention to every detail and we focus on the quality of each product accessories. Therefore our products are unique. We are willing to learn from APPLE model, delivering the VISION products to the hands of each electronic cigarette users and effectively changing their lives.
Select VISION, select the future!
Vision Team

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