Since 2007, VISION has never produced any carbon fiber SPINNER battery.

Carbon fiber SPINNER batteries and SPINNER III circulating in the market are all copycat products. We are actively working to find factories that produce copycats and to retain all legal investigations for their illegal activities.

It is hoped that consumers will look for official purchase channels and protect their rights and interests from being deceived.

All of the products we produce are displayed on the only official website:


All the Spinner batteries sold on AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay,DH Gate are copycats .They claim that their Spinner batteries are original Vision spinners.Actually,VISION do not authorize any of the above companies or individuals to sell our Spinner batteries.

Therefore, our company is not responsible for any security incidents of products purchased on these platforms that claim to be authentic Vision spinner.

At the same time, we are actively using legal weapons to reserve the right to pursue their legal liabilities for the sale of counterfeits on these platforms.

We will continue to update all the company names and links selling copycats on this news. We hope that the majority of Spinner fans can check and protect their rights in a timely manner without being attacked by lawless elements.


VISION Authorized company:
Domestic:  , AVE40,  Cacuq ,
Abroad:   LightFire Group  , Myvaporstore ,  1 Stop Supply Corp .Efuma Aps ,   Pafici International ,  Sarl Joshnoaco


CopyCat :     




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