Vision New spinner v2.0 disposable ecig come out!

Vision launched a new vision spinner v2.0 Cigar in  June 2019.
Vision spinner v2.0 Cigar is an upgraded version of the vision spinner energy stick. It uses imported chips and is powerful and has a high reduction of eliquild .
After the great success of vision spinner energy stick, vision company continued to innovate and develop new spinner cigar with 10 flavors to meet the public’s demand for EJUICE.

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Characteristics and advantages of vision spinner v2.0 Cigar:

1. Special VEK chip guarantees the same reduction degree and output for each port.

Our cores are provided by listed companies. Guarantee safety!

2. 99% of POD SYSTEM in the market is about 320 MAH capacity cores. Vision spinner v2.0 battery capacity is 900 MAH, long standby

3. About 99% of POD in the market has a capacity of 1.5-2.0 ML. Vision spinner v2.0 pod capacity is 5 ML

4,1200-1600 PUFFS. Generally, smokers can maintain a minimum of 5 days.

5. Special nicotine salt imported from Korea and Canada, special blending. To meet 99% of the basic needs, the reduction degree of ejuice is very high.

6. Good overall cost performance. One of our cartridges is equivalent to about 3-4 other cartridges(0.9-1.2USD) on the market. Our battery  is roughly 2-3 times the output of  others batteries.

7. Fool-like use, open to pump.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Vision Team


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