Vision Spinner 3 launching

vision Spinner 3 is launching
Vision spinner 3 is the strongest version in the spinners !
-Spinner 1 Simple and practical quality
-Spinner 2 Simple and practical quality, increased endurance
-Spinner 3 Simple and practical quality. 1600 mAh( power ) /1000 mAh (smart in size ). Updated the more stable V chip. For the market demand for E-liquid,it has especially strengthened the experience of CBD, THC and SALT (nicotine e-liquid). Classic 510 threaded interface that matches all 510 atomizers on the market. The bottom 8 seconds 5W output preheating function can enhance the saturation experience and taste reduction of each e-liquid .


 Spinner 3 User operation is as follows:

1,Vaping: Press the button to vape. The maximum time for a single puff is 8 seconds. The white light flashes 8 times. You need to press the button again to return to the smoking mode.

2, Power indicator: the voltage light shows red light when 3.2V-3.5V, 3.5V-3.8V blue light, 3.8V-4.2V white light, and red light flashes 10 times less than 3.2V;

3, Charging:

a.Type C interface charging, charging input voltage and current DC5V/1A;

b.Charging LED light display: The charging light determines the color according to the battery voltage, 3.2V-3.5V red light, 3.5V-3.8V blue light, 3.8V-4.2V white light,lightout when full.

c.DC5V/1A adapter or computer USB interface, charging time: about 1.5-2.0H;

Preheating function

First press the vape button 5 times to start the battery quickly, then press the preheat button for 3 seconds. When the preheating function is activated, the power button light will turn on. Set the preheating time to 10 seconds, and the light will be off after the preheating.

(This function is mainly for some special thicker e-liquid) Preheating output power is 5W


∇ The spinner 3 battery is available in two versions, 1600mAh and 1000mAh, giving customers more choice and a better experience.

∇ The ingenious Spinner 3 atomizer enables Spinner 3 to achieve a one-stop customer integration on the basis of its original strength.There are Cotton coil  ( 1.5-1.8 ohm )and Ceramic  coil (1.2 ohm) for your choice. 

∇ The packaging of the spinner 3 has broken through the previous style and is more convenient for sale in major shopping malls.

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